Next Wave #1107: Moreish Idols

Uncertainty is key for this multi-genre collective...

At the beginning of April, Clash spoke to Moreish Idols before their performance at Fair Play 2023 – a city-wide, multi-venue all dayer in Manchester. After a breath-taking set to a packed out crowd, the group sat down to discuss their development, what how perpetual growth has framed incoming EP ‘Lock Eyes And Collide’.

In August 2022, the band teamed up with Dan Carey to record and release ‘Float’ on Speedy Wundergound Records. ‘Float’ is an immediate record. Each second is filled with jank-chords and pummeling rhythms. On top of this, vocals, saxophone and keyboards negotiate melodies that ricochet against the excitement of each one of ‘Float’s fifteen minutes. The EP’s first achievement was that it was recorded live; the direct result of the band working together in a single room. According to singer and guitarist, Jude Lilley, it was only the saxophone that was recorded separately – and despite being recorded away from the band, it was, to be fair, recorded all in one take. 

Nine months later, it is April 2023, and Moreish Idols have grasped the challenge of recording EP number two with both hands (or all ten, if we’re being accurate). The first single from ‘Lock Eyes And Collide’ demonstrates a band embracing change. Recent releases ‘Chum’ and ‘Nocturnal Creatures’ demonstrate how Moreish Idols are comfortably moving past the security of the tried and tested methods that built ‘Float’ to encounter uncharted musical territory. 

It is evident that the group appreciate that any attempts to recreate ‘Float’ would be artificial, something they are keen to avoid. When asked about how the band’s sound has developed, Jude explains they have become “reassured that not being sure about what we are trying to do feels like the right direction” and explained how this had become their strength. As such, the band has been letting the new sound arrive to them, organically. 

Guitarist Tom Wilson Kelle, went on to explain how the band was now “straight up playing what we like… we’re more comfortable wearing our influences on our sleeves” to which the band agreed. So, what do Moreish Idols sleeves’ look like? Clash asked the band, and they threw around musical and cultural references from country pop to the Simpsons, as well as what Jude described as “much weirder stuff” too. The group cite Pavement as a band that directly influenced them whilst they were recording ‘Lock Eyes and ‘Collide’. In spite of this, they were keen to explain – in true Moreish Idols fashion – that it was never their goal to emulate or recreate anybody else’s sound. Jude went on to discuss how they never went to Dan Carey and said “Hey Dan, can you make us sound like Pavement?” – instead, their EP was the conglomeration of inspirations that fed into their sound organically. Tom expands on this by saying, after all “why would we sound like Pavement, when we have hardly anything in common with them?”

The band have their eyes set on the future – an album to be precise. They agree that they’d like  their third release to sit as a middle ground between the freedom of ‘Lock Eyes And Collide’ and the intensity of ‘Float’. It is impossible to tell what further distance the band will have travelled when one looks at how they have developed over the last nine months. Singles such as ‘Nocturnal Creatures’ suggest a ne found melodic richness, that is unrestrained and fresh – though by no means lacking in ear-grabbing energy. Moreish Idols’ originality is grounded in their approach, and it is ever-changing. With vitality, energy and desire in their sails, they have latched onto a new sound, without ever letting their intensity falter. You’ll want to join them, wherever they might travel to next. 

‘Lock Eyes And Collide’ will be released on April 28th.

Words: Arthur Arnold 
Photo Credit: Ollie Weguelin

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