Next Wave #1101: Chloe Bodur

Dreamy soul with a yearning for psychedelic experience...

Chloe Bodur has carefully crafted a discography and onstage persona that have enabled her to live out her childhood dreams. The London born artist’s music is a heady concoction of live recordings, experimental electronic production and layered vocal harmonies, plunging us into her dream-state world of immersive, psychedelic soul.

Chloe’s musical journey is indelibly linked to her family’s eternal love for music, in particular her cousin turned long-time collaborator JD REID (whose credits include Celeste, slowthai, and Mabel). She cites her musical heroes as everyone from Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus through to The Neptunes. Balancing her music career with part-time work, she represents working-class musicians who want to use their voice to share the realities of surviving as an artist today. “When you don’t have loads of money, it’s your family and friends helping you out get to gigs and making music videos. I always say to them if you didn’t help me out with all of that stuff, I would have had to quit a long time ago”. 

The perfect exemplification of her endless ambition was moving to Brighton after college to pursue her lifelong dream. It’s a decision Chloe believes was crucial for her career. “It’s where I found my band who still play with me to this day, they are honestly like my family. We’ve already experienced so much; I hope one day we can travel as a group and take this music around the world.”

Asides from recording and touring, Chloe runs a residency for Balamii radio which champions London’s thriving music scene. It’s a safe space where she invites fellow artists to discuss their creativity while flexing their eclectic music tastes on air. “It’s been amazing,” she shares. “I get in a range of artists, there is a distinct relatability between us as artists. Whoever I have on it’s a different style each time, where they can really bring their own identity to the show.” 

The inspiring journey of Chloe Bodur is one that millions of aspiring musicians can look up to, seeking valuable advice from an artist who’s earnt every part of her success. Her advice? “Show loyalty to people you work with; I want to continue to show love to everyone who has helped support me on this journey so far. Another one for me is really try and harness your sound and be aware of who you are as an artist before reaching out to labels, make sure it’s the most authentic version of you.”

WHAT: Dreamy soul with psychedelic overtones.
WHERE: London
3 SONGS: ‘Come With Me’, ‘In My Dreams’, ‘Lonely Lonely’

FACT: When not making music, Chloe works part-time in her Dad’s ice cream van

Words: Josh Crowe
Photography: Sophie Mayanne
Styling: Sabrina Soormally

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