Next Wave #1099: LINN

Espousing the vitality of Copenhagen's DIY communities...

The city of Copenhagen offers independence, autonomous thinking and a determination to work things out for yourself. In artistic terms that often translates to ‘do it yourself’. 

LINN lives and breathes DIY culture. Fostering an experimental sound, the avant-pop, alt-rock musician continues to make waves in the Danish capital, nationally and further afield. The underground music scene is of particular interest to the Danish riser, who finds herself viewing her music as complex and tricky to pin down. 

She is not wrong. Her EP ‘Femte Dimension’ (Fifth Dimension) delves into the deeper layers of this outlook, how she thinks about art, how nuanced it can be. “When I make something that’s too easy to categorise it feels boring, I need things to be edgy and push my music in a different direction. I believe that things move in multiple ways, and there’s more than one dimension.” 

When quizzed about her musical influences, LINN pauses for what feels like a good while, there are so many, and it seems she wants to fairly represent them all. The question is not designed for short-form, but names like Grace Jones, Jenny Hval, Schmerz and Patti Smith are sprinkled around our conversation. 

Music is a big part of her life, it always has been. Growing up in a musical household, as a young child she recognised the unlimited potential music has to offer. Her father is a musician, he inspired her to pick up a guitar and to start writing her own material. “I was writing, I played with friends. It’s always been a part of who I am as a person, it was something natural, it was just something I had to do.”

The working method often constitutes being sat at the computer with an idea, playing a guitar line, picking a drum beat, adapting the beat before looping it into the track, gradually building the song, while adding other elements along the way. It is a creative puzzle. “Producing is part of the same process, I’ll add vocals during it, I often find that the basis, a structure is needed before I can add singing. More often than not I’ll jam over it.” 

‘Femte Dimension’ sees the songwriter include the first takes in the final recording. Finding joy, fully embracing spontaneity is more recent for the Copenhagener. “Sometimes I have subsequently tried to correct things, I find that I can’t replicate the vibe as it was, I realise that my first take is the right one, it’s best not to interfere with that.” 

Making a mark on the underground scene, the singer and guitarist was involved in several other projects, playing in other bands before she decided to be a solo artist. She is in close contact with the community she is part of, taking a pragmatic approach, always assessing what’s in front of her. 

She has a ‘rock’ set up with a band as well as more ad hoc, adaptable arrangements with other musicians for smaller, more intimate gigs. With an extensive, yet well-chosen music contacts base, she is not going to compromise any time soon, all contributions need to reflect her DIY values.

This doesn’t mean a good opportunity is there to be missed. Having supported alternative rockers Wolf Alice last year, she also appeared at Roskilde Festival, and this year there’s a good chance she will be taking her music to some international music hotspots. It’s an exciting time. 

“I got to know Wolf Alice, and they were just so nice. Playing with them was an incredible experience, our sound is quite different, but the audience was just ideal for it. There was a special atmosphere, and we received a lot of positive feedback after the performance.”

“I keep having these great experiences because of my music, it surprises me, but it’s also what made me pursue this solo chapter in the first place. I thought it would be fun and enjoyable, even if it means making some weird sounds at times. It’s good to see that there is room for this type of music.” 

There is plenty of room. LINN’s music is needed, and it will be fascinating to follow her journey, as she continues put her DIY stamp on every release, and every show. 

‘Femte Dimension’ is out now.

Words: Susan Hansen
Photo Credit: Christian Friedländer

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