Next Wave #1092: Sol Paradise

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London-based singer, songwriter and genius instrumentalist Sol Paradise has been firing his way up the musical ranks in the past couple of years through relentless hard graft, regular studio sessions, and the occasional inspirational journey with mother nature all combining to allow his creative spirit to flourish. An artist who has been experimenting with a variety of sounds throughout his career, the talented creative has ensured his musical prowess matches his ability to navigate his way around the difficulties of adulthood, narrating a story and conveying the feeling of how music can often provoke certain emotions, and learning to live with them. 

Growing up in the city, Sol’s lyrics focus on how urban life is important for the artistic lifestyle, but one in which he finds as a musician, a hard place to allow his creative spirit to flow. It is fairly evident within Sol’s music that he is truly captivated by the contrast between the two polar opposite walks of life, but as a result of this, it sees an excellent added niche to the artist’s repertoireSol has also recently collaborated with prestigious producer Tom Archer (Babeheaven, Michael Kiwanuka); the producer is heavily invested in the direction of the young creative, and this is a strong indication that the artist is certainly one to watch for the future. 

Sitting in between the alternative genre with added elements of jazz and soul, what began as a bedroom project whilst Sol was at university, has now blossomed into a reality through his strong creative talent, where he now plays with a seven-piece band for live shows, featuring a saxophonist, a flute player, and his own immaculate guitar playing skills. The artist has been carefully refining his sound, with his last single ‘More Patience/More Love’ showing the development of his journey from his debut track ‘No Doubt’, further displaying the jazz / soul influence that has underpinned the artist’s intrepid writing. Now the musician has wholeheartedly honed-in on his carefully curated vision that has cultivated himself and his new-found image into a two track release that expresses itself in what the artist has structured his cultural persona around. When it comes to the development of the artist’s growth, Sol explains: “It’s really just me enjoying myself through the process of writing music.” 

With the desire to write a track that was rooted in the period of transition, Sol had worked tirelessly in an attempt to promote himself as a more self-assured producer, with ‘Coming Back’ demonstrating a true insight into the proficient singer-songwriter’s mind. Ultimately, when listening to the latest offering from the artist, it becomes clear that when allowed to simply enjoy himself in the studio, he produces his most clean and concise piece of work to date. When discussing the creative process behind his latest single, the artist states: “I’ve been working seriously hard in the studio developing what I see as a more mature musical identity. I’m allowing myself the freedom to create exactly what feels most true to me. We all as artists, and as people more generally, struggle with a desire for external validation, but I’m doing my best to keep my head down and keep creating what I love.”  

In what has already been a successful few years, launching his own clothing line, supporting Oscar Jerome on tour, and featuring widely on Balamii and Noods Radio, along with a multitude of brilliant releases, the young creative is building incredible momentum for the future. With a full EP in the works, Sol is gearing up for his strongest year to date, with 2023 sure to be the year where many become acquainted with this sensational musician. 

Words: Ben Broyd

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