Next Wave #1088: No Windows

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Age is just a number, so they say. Our wisdom may grow along with our time spent on Earth. But with No Windows, a young Edinburgh duo years ahead of their game made up of vocalist Verity Slangen (aged 18) and multi-instrumentalist Morgan Morris (aged 16), it’s safe to say there’s been a buck of that trend in more ways than one.

“Up until we formed No Windows, we’d never played anywhere outside of school,” says Morgan, fresh out of class with his shirt and tie on. “Most of the time, our writing was done in the classroom. We got great support from the music department, but we’re glad that No Windows exists now as its own entity.” Originally forming a band over a shared love for Mac DeMarco, Morgan and Verity soon found that they had a penchant for writing music of their own together. It was during lockdown that No Windows began to take shape – their name mirroring the claustrophobia of the time. But a shift in their writing process caused by their separation also proved to pivotal.

“Generally, our process is very separate,” Morgan explains. “I’d start off with something simple like a chord progression, I’d send that to Verity and she’ll write to that. Whilst that’s happening, that’s when I’ll start building things up in terms of recording and production. I think we’ve built up a good chemistry, where what I’m saying musically lines up with Verity lyrically.”

Next Wave #1088: No Windows

That chemistry is laid bare on the duo’s debut EP, ‘Fishboy’. Self-recorded, self-performed and entirely self-produced in Morgan’s bedroom, the music’s enchanting aura in engrossing. The level of sonic originality is stunning, echoing the likes of Ride and My Bloody Valentine with its visceral layers of nature themed effects. And for two late-teens to have come up with it all, well, it just makes it that extra bit special. “I wrote most of the material on the EP just as I was leaving school,” Verity explains. “It was a very transitional period of time for me and I think the songs reflect those different times in my life. A lot of it is about navigating identity, trying to fit in and dealing with feelings of isolation.” 

Opportunities to take their sound outside of the classroom and onto the live stage have also been coming thick and fast. “I’m a really shy person on stage,” says Verity, the more naturally introverted member of the duo. “I’ve been trying to push myself more whilst Morgan takes the more charismatic role. I don’t really have that in me.” A hometown headliner awaits at Sneaky Pete’s on December 15th. It’ll be the culmination of a successful year for the band, who hope to see many of their faithful supporters come along for the gig – “so long as they’re not being breathalysed at the door!” Morgan laughs. 

Naturally, the pair carry some feelings of trepidation about what the music industry has in store for them. But No Windows have two wise heads sat upon their young bodies. It can be easy to get caught up in the hype and drown under the pressure of expectation at any age. But with the backing of management and new Edinburgh record label Something. behind them, you get the feeling that they needn’t worry – there’s still much more in store. “We’re being careful not to overthink all of this too much, just because it’s so early on,” says Morgan. “Outside the music it feels a bit more… professional? But not really. To us, it feels the same. I don’t think we’re quite scared of fame, just yet. We’ve got at least a few years to worry about that!”

Words: Jamie Wilde
Photography: Rory Barnes

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