Next Wave #1073: L’Objectif

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The music scene that has emerged from Leeds in recent years is impossible to ignore. With bands like Yard Act, English Teacher and Eades all emerging with music that has scored acclaim and recognition from industry greats and enjoys countless spins across the globe. Amongst this slew of Leeds bands making moves in the music scene comes indie-pop quartet L’Objectif.

Amid finishing up their A-Levels, the group have recently opened for bands such as The Magic Gang and Everything Everything and are also billed to play festivals like Live At Leeds: In The Park.

Now aged 17, L’Objectif have just released their second EP ‘We Aren’t Getting Out But Tonight We Might’ and have been subject to praise and acclaim by various big names in the industry, including a nod of approval by the Godfather of Punk, Iggy Pop.

For frontman Saul Kane, the release of this EP is one he hasn’t had time to think about. Alongside touring and self-producing the new EP, Saul and his bandmates are finishing up their A-Levels.  

“I was only reminded this week that the EP is was coming out,” Saul tells us. “I’m very excited, though! It’s hard to really care about school when you’re doing such cool things on the weekend. Especially right now, like, we’re releasing an EP on Friday and have an exam on Tuesday. So, it’s been hard trying to balance everything, but I would rather have it be slightly difficult than not have it all”. 

Finishing school begs questions surrounding future plans, but the starting success of L’Objectif means this band are ready to use the freedom of leaving school as an opportunity to focus on the music.  

“We’re all doing different things after school,” Saul explains, “but I think we mainly want to focus on the music. We have been together for a while now and always been into making music and its now finally happening for us and things are starting to kick off”.

The band formed back when they were just 12 years old. Alongside Saul is Ezra Glennon on bass, Dan Richardson on guitar and Louis Bullock on drums. Speaking of the band’s formation, Saul explains: “myself, Louis and Ezra went to the same school and decided to form a band. We needed a guitarist and Louis happened to remember a someone he had met at all the way back in nursery played. We all had different introductions into the music. Ezra, for example, had parents who are really into music. I guess that would be the same for me as well – I have a brother who introduced me to lots of different types of music and is really into vinyl collection. 

“I guess we all just had our own ways of discovering different genres. We are definitely all very into the indie scene and 80s music. I feel like I find a new band and immediately want to rip them off in a way. “For me, being shown bands like the stone roses at a young age led to me being obsessed with band culture. I started getting into the Arctic Monkeys and the Strokes, which led to me realising that this is what I wanted to do”.

Opening for Everything Everything meant the boys had the opportunity to play venues like the Roundhouse in London, which Saul describes as a “mental” experience. But being a band of Leeds natives means playing venues like the Brudenell as well as Live at Leeds festival are particularly special.

Looking to the future, Saul and the band are hoping that the success of the tunes already released will give them the ammunition needed to put out an album. “I would love to make an album in the near future,” Saul expresses. “I feel like it would be a massive milestone for us to put a full project like that out. I don’t know when it will happen, but I really hope it will”.

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‘We Aren’t Getting Out But Tonight We Might’ EP is out now.

Words: Isabella Miller
Photo Credit: Dan Broadley

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