Next Wave #1072: Mint Green

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Mint Green are fully aware of the pitfalls of being tied to a certain sound, indeed, it’s a wisdom that comes from trial-and-error. “I tried for so long, whether consciously or unconsciously, to fit into a genre,” confesses vocalist Ronnica. “When I first started, I wanted to be just indie, or just indie punk”. But now, the Boston band’s viewpoint is a little less linear. Sure, on the surface, glittery guitar tones and flowercore aesthetic may have you thinking you know what to expect. But once you dig deeper, you’re sure to see the heart of who Mint Green are, and what makes them one-of-a-kind.

“I just want them to have fun,” she posits on the question of what people should take from the band’s music. The story goes that Mint Green’s background is rooted in the indie rock, emo-punk world bands like Tigers Jaw or Paramore inhabit. But when talking about who the band are today, the frontwoman suggests “people go into the album with an open mind. I think it reflects me, as a listener of music.” As the frontwoman, Ronnica represents the perfect vessel for the band; quite literally a mouthpiece as she’s in charge of lyrics and social media “for better or for worse”, as she puts it. Despite this, she brings a reserved energy all introspective thinkers have; both to the band’s output and to this interview.  

The chat does reach a new level of vivacity as we touch on the topic of her hometown. “Boston to me, having lived here my whole life, I didn't really realise how temporary it is,” referring to universities like Harvard and Berkeley that have people come and go. “That was awesome because I didn't go to college. But they're Boston lifespan is anywhere from one to four years. So we would have all these amazing experiences together and then they'd go off to L.A. or Brooklyn”. Recognising it’s no mean feat to go from being one of ‘those’ local DIY bands to signing with Pure Noise records, Ronnica’s assessment is that “As Mint Green started to mature over the years… people would be weirded out if you don't want to just do this on the side. But for me, it's like this isn't just like a recreational side project. To me, this is my life”.

When it comes to influences, Tumblr surprisingly appears on the list of entities that impact Mint Green. “If we ever were to win a Grammy, I would thank Tinder in my speech!” beams Ronnica with enthusiasm. “I would thank so many internet entities; I met my drummer who's been with the band since day one on Craigslist.” Acknowledging the absurdity of being so heavily influenced by the semi-defunct micro-blogging site, she goes on to say how “the internet to me has been such a constant and important part of my career […] and that Tumblr culture definitely helped mould me, I would say, into the person I am today. I've just met so many friends and just the internet culture in general is like one that I thrive in”.

All these life experiences manifest themselves in the band’s debut album ‘All Girls Go To Heaven’, a perfectly ethereal journey through the minds of Mint Green. Complete with twinkling guitars, complex melodies without being overly sangrine, all tied together with Ronnica’s versatile vocals and refreshing optimism. Putting out your debut album would have anyone feeling reflective and as she scrolls through Mint Green’s discography she ponders: “When I think about growth, it's like little baby me on here asking so many questions about why she was doing this”.

“And then ‘Headspace’, I start to get a little bit more angsty and I'm a little bit mad about some things. I think ‘All Girls Go To Heaven’ is like the perfect balance of being soft in some places, and overall a bit more confident.” Mint Green’s intelligent, self-aware take on melodic indie-punk is sure to see them find success, but as they take on more of the life experience that makes their music so unique, for now, they’re still just trying to make it work…

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Words: Sarah Shodipe

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