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London indie pop artist Flo Gallop has been spreading colour and life around the city, with her deeply infectious anthems and intoxicating style. Releasing her debut single '21' just a year ago, this artist is triumphing spectacularly already, dropping a further three songs in 2021, and beginning the new year with the release of her new single, “sorry for you, mate”.

Born and raised in South-East London, Gallop was destined to be a performer; boarding at Tring Park after pleading with her parents to let her audition for full-time theatre school at 13 years old. Flourishing in the immersive lifestyle, her days consisted of classes and studio sessions, however after two years she decided she wanted to be out in the world, playing real shows, even using her sisters ID to secure slots in over 18s venues. Fast forward a few years, and she’s becoming a force within her genre, gaining a quarter of a million streams and attention from the likes of the BBC.

The new single 'sorry for you, mate' came about after the songwriter had a case of word vomit, feeling a desperate need to get everything off her chest and onto paper. Realising the lengthy track needed some pruning, Gallop and her producer Patch Boshell reworked parts of the song, specifically the chorus, transforming it from melancholy to uplifting. The artist explains, “Before, it had been a sad song with a positive edge but now the revamped chorus, combined with a brand new middle eight just added that effervescence that it needed and gave the song so much more life”.

The track starts with a vibey energy reminiscent of Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’s 'Señorita', with the artist revealing, ”it was the inspiration for the intro to the track”. Taking influence from other artists, she expressed, “I also hear 'Sweet Dreams' (Eurythmics) and the clap section in the chorus had inspiration from Billy Joel’s 'Uptown Girl'! I feel like it also has the eeriness of the Addams Family theme tune”.

Evoking a sense of self-worth, the track compels you to dance and be happy, with the artist hoping to inspire people to listen and take from it what resonates with them. Setting the scene on her take of the song, the songwriter explains, “You’ve just been dumped or for whatever reason the relationship you were in has ended because maybe you found out something not very nice. So you’re sat crying into your Ben and Jerry’s feeling really sorry for yourself, you haven’t been out in days and you’re barely opening the curtains in your house to bring the light in.”

“But then, reality strikes,” she continues. “Why do you feel so terrible when you have done nothing wrong, nothing here was your fault and if someone was prepared to lose YOU. That right there makes them a ‘loser’, you’re at the pinnacle of your life, doing the coolest stuff and having the best time. So flip it, you’re sorry for their loss of you AND you hope they’re able to mourn you in a very appropriate way”. 

Having kicked off the new year with stacks of successes to her name, as well as the release of her new single, the singer/songwriter is shaping the year to be her most significant yet, exploring the ‘Flo Gallop’ sound, writing tonnes more music and “continuing to piss off a lot of ex boyfriends!”

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Words: Alexander Williams

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