Next Wave #1056: Miso Extra

In Association With Puma

The concept of world-building in audio-visual media is typically expected of a seasoned artist but with her ‘Misoverse’, English-Japanese rapper Miso Extra is starting early. “It’s creating this whole world around the music for people to get fully invested in,” she shares. “It’s a feeling, it’s an experience.” A melting pot of themes surrounding femininity and empowerment, she masterfully combines pop culture references from aspects of her heritage to create her own addictive brand of new wave rap but with dance beats.

“With being mixed race, it’s intrinsically part of your identity that you borrow elements from various areas, and it only makes sense for me to do the same when it comes to creatively expressing myself.” Her strengths lie in sharing a personal experience in a way that’s both accessible and genuine. “It’s a case of celebrating that you have lots of different elements to yourself and highlighting that these elements can complement each other regardless of how juxtaposing they might appear on the surface. Everything can be brought together to have a whole new meaning or connection.”

Miso admits that she bided her time between finishing university and releasing her debut single ‘Adventures of Tricky N Duke’. Upon the pandemic’s pause, she honed her craft while becoming assured in her ability. “It just happened to be the perfect catalyst for things to fall into place musically. It sounds awful because it wasn’t good timing in the sense of the world, but creatively it was a great space and opportunity for me to focus on the ideas I had.”

She now describes releasing her music as a catharsis, with Miso’s debut five-track EP ‘Great Taste’ due later this year. “It’s great to be out where it takes on a life of its own. It turns a very private thing into something very public and I think that’s the beautiful thing about music, it’s made to be shared.”

“I’m looking forward to people hearing what I’ve made and celebrating the idea that you can be diverse – and not just ethnically diverse – but in many other ways. If my music can bring people together and make people feel confident, that would be huge. Professionally, my goals are incremental. We’ll go big soon but let’s get this EP out and enjoy it first.”

Whether it’s through her bilingual vocal moves, generational shifts, or cultural references, Miso Extra is maximalist in the best way, and her music firmly positions her as what she terms an addictive “Umami for the ears.”

What: Rapper, singer, and producer with nods to pop culture
Where: London-via-Japan
3 Songs: ‘1013’, ‘Adventures of Tricky N Duke’, ‘Deep Fried’ 

FACT: This English-Japanese artist is fully bilingual.

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Words: Hannah Browne
Photography: Sophie Mayanne

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