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Harvey Causon’s route into music is by no means unique, but his ideology and ambitions for his craft make him an instantly intriguing artist to watch out for. Raised by creative parents, Harvey grew up playing piano and guitar in a supportive household. It was while studying music at Bristol University, however, that Harvey started to analyse the psychological aspect of music: why we react in certain ways when we hear a song we like. “I loved understanding people’s barometer for good music; and why our heartbeat, temperature and serotonin levels change when we hear it.”

Harvey quenched this thirst for theory by fraternising with university physicists, who helped inform his perceptions of quantum physics, and from there, quantum music. “I got obsessed with our perceptions of reality, and how that’s portrayed through music.”

Knocking around with the likes of Batu and Giant Swan in Bristol, Harvey fostered a love of electronic music that manifests in the body of work he’s produced so far. The city also exposed him to multiple scenes: from R&B and soul, to experimental and jazz. “I feel like it’s very inclusive, Bristol. As much as it’s cliquey, everyone respects the different types of music, and everyone helps each other out”. Bristol may signify a melting pot of different genres, but Harvey emerges as a totally unique entity. His production and instrumentation is rhythmic and grandiose; his vocal, enigmatic and soulful.

Since moving to the capital, Harvey has taken control over the directing of his music videos, tapping into London’s rich artistic scene for inspiration: “it feels like there’s more scope for the wider arts in terms of theatre, dance and visual artistry here”, he muses. Harvey has just shot his latest video for single, Foxtrot, which saw him collaborating with seven dancers to achieve his vision. “I love working with dancers – having done it as a kid, and with my mum being a dancer. I was always quite nervous about doing ballet, but now I’m working with choreographers and watching people move to my music. Music and dance are so intertwined for me”.

Harvey Causon is determined to understand the world around us; creating a communion of physics, music, and dance in consequence. As his fanbase grows, Harvey is set to be the music mastermind that has hearts beating that bit faster in the coming months.

WHAT: Mellifluous songwriting utilising R&B textures.
WHERE: Bristol
3 SONGS: ‘Ten Fold’, ‘Corinthians’, ‘Half Hour Verve’

FACT: His song ‘Ten Fold’ was prompted by his experiences as a coronavirus tester.

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Words: Sophie Church
Photography: Sophie Mayanne

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