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Pop punk duo The Let Go are establishing cultural links between hometown Washington D.C. and their current UK home - Liverpool. Currently studying at LIPA, they have chosen Britain as their base, as they feel it allows them to be who they want to be as artists.  

Cole sings and writes lyrics, and Scout looks after the instrumental parts of the music. Bonding over a shared passion for music is Cole and Scout’s motivation for starting The Let Go, but they also recognise the need for talented women to pick up musical instruments and form bands. “It’s important that women aren’t being pushed for all the wrong reasons, argues Cole. “Our goal is to get where we want to go solely based on the fact that we’re good, and not because we're women.”

Starting out in the States, Scout was writing songs, and Cole moved to the UK when she was offered a place at LIPA, which she chose despite receiving an offer from Berklee. Scout arrived a year later, and they both live in the same building in Liverpool, this makes collaborating easy and more convenient.  

They keep developing their songwriting and producing skills, continually expanding their knowledge. They are both hands on and are involved in all aspects related to their art including the use of Logic, the creation of video content, and the organisation of photoshoots, it is empowering, and it makes them marketable as musicians.

Signed to Chess Club Records, the combined force of their ultra-modern sound, colourful visual aesthetics, and DIY ethos makes the duo a strong addition to the independent label roster. Creating a contemporary brand of music they take inspiration from a rich melting pot of influences, with names such as Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean, and Brockhampton close to their hearts.

The duo dropped their debut EP ‘Feeling Lonely’ in May of this year. The five-track collection offers ice cream pop that vibrates with sub-bass sounds and dark lyrics tackling heartache and emotionally unsatisfying hook ups. While ‘Delete My Feelings’, the new six-track EP, sees them take everything they have learnt a step further. Silky and soothing, but raw and punky, it is what music needs to stay urgent and relevant. “It feels more honest,” says Cole. “We've also gotten to know each other more.”

The Let Go’s ambitious DIY projects are taking off, and they are fully immersed in the next chapter of their journey.

What: Eclectic blend of pop, punk, and rap with a strong DIY ethic
Where: Liverpool/From Washington D.C.
3 Songs: ‘Woke’, ‘Last Year’s Model Club’, ‘Woman’ 

Fact: Cole and Scout live on different floors in shared accommodation.

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Words: Susan Hansen
Photography: Sophie Mayanne

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