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South London multi-instrumentalist Joe Turner spearheads a new wave of musicians seeking to redefine electronic music as we know it. Immersing himself within a sound he describes as “organic dance music that takes you on a journey,” inspired by the likes of Bonobo, Maribou State and Floating Points, Turner highlights a sonic balance between relaxed listening and euphoria. The objective, as he puts it, is to push boundaries placed within the genre’s sphere. “It’s supposed to have that clubby thing going on but it’s not meant for the clubs. It’s at that tempo and it’s got that feel but you can digest it a bit more rather than having to be like: c’mon I just want to go to a rave!”

Born and raised in Croydon, Joe Turner turned playing the guitar from a casual hobby into a life-long ambition: “I joined this band and we were playing, rehearsing, and then I played my first gig. It was just some random, crappy gig but I remember having this buzz of wanting to do it again and wanting to do it for as long as possible and as many times as I could.” With a clear focus towards organic instruments, the artist expresses an admiration that sets him apart from his peers, noting how “you’re performing the song as if you were an artist from fifty years ago in the studio playing, whether it be the piano or some bongos, you’re connecting with it and you’re giving part of yourself to the track.” Fast forward to today, the producer fondly recalls this summer’s headline show at The Cause which integrated these same elements and served as a showcase for both debut EP ‘Textures‘ and the recently released ‘Reflections’ which we’re yet to experience on the dancefloor after a prolonged live music freeze.

Indeed, up until this point Joe Turner’s creative process has been limited by restrictions however, there are moments of collaboration that have teased an even fuller potential. Single ‘Shade’ features the energy-driven BEKA, a union that results in a smooth blend of multi-layered, eclectic production with anthemic, soulful vocals. “It was all about coming out of lockdown, going from the shade back into the light again and using that imagery to convey my feelings to BEKA. She’s a great listener because pretty much everything that I’d said she was able to put in her own words and still make it very relevant,” he says.

The next steps for the budding musician lies in further collaboration; experimenting and merging the experiences and stylistic qualities of his previous projects. With hopes to venture into songwriting and perfecting his electronic craft, he concludes: “I want to do an album, that’s my goal, that’s been my life goal.”

What: Multi-instrumentalist and producer
Where: Croydon, South London
3 Tracks: ‘Shade’, ‘Too Much’ and ‘Wings’

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Words: Ana Lamond

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