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From Salt Lake City, Utah, four-piece band Brother. have devised a beautifully uncomplicated, fun and mellow indie alt album in their latest release 'Volume III'. Through warm instrumentation, the combination of glistening synths and jangly guitars provide a feel-good emotion, which amusingly contrasts the somewhat melancholy lyrics. The sadness is represented through descending instruments, however the laid-back, chilled-out vibe of the entire album prevents it from feeling too sombre and instead creates something that you can truly unwind to.

Lead singer Chuck Emery shares: “In a handful of the tracks there is a descending melody mostly towards the end of certain tracks. You can find this in 'Don’t Worry', 'Bleach Baby', 'Goodnight Girl'. A lot of these tracks are more upbeat but lyrically are very sad to me. A little easter egg of descent, depression, sadness or feeling down.”

He continues: “Another theme throughout the album is a lyric of mine that really resonates with me, “I never let you down so don’t you forget me now”. It was a lyric I used to throw into my older material but it is something that has never left me.”

Bringing together the gritty indie/rock and catchy pop worlds, Brother. have concocted a sound which suits any and every occasion. From road trips with your friends, to Sunday morning brunches, this album sets the tone, creating an uplifting, bright atmosphere wherever you are.

'Volume III' has been a project in the works for a while, with the first track 'Don’t Worry' being released back in 2019. Admitting how their sound has evolved over the years, each album has been titled as a “volume” to reflect a time stamp of their writing, recording style and mood over a certain time period. Listening to their entire body of work over the years allows listeners to understand not only who they are as a band, but everything they have gone through over time as individuals. It’s a personal and intimate experience, where fans can follow each step in their journey.

'Volume III' highlights a variety of emotions and narratives, with the 80’s tinged synth-laden 'We’re (Not) Alone' questioning the existence of a God, while the steady, plodding 'EZ' reminds us to slow down and take some time to soak up what’s going on around us. 'Goodnight Girl' is described as the band’s first official love song - every album needs one, right?

Bringing to mind the likes of Local Natives, Porches and The Strokes, these are all bands who have inspired their sound, encouraging them to break boundaries and construct a more experimental approach to their beloved indie alt music. “In Volume III we wanted to capture the experimental and groove and put it more to an indie alt sound. I took an approach of more classic pop songwriting but kept it very open so that we could mold it and change it to flow the way we wanted. We wanted to keep things very simple and never wanted to add too much to where we couldn’t recreate the same feeling live and on stage.”

Like many others in the music industry, the band have jumped unforeseen hurdles over the pandemic, however in reflection, Emery admits how it’s only made the band stronger, emphasising a huge evolution from their previous albums Volume I and Volume II. “We have become better players and songwriters. We have learned better ways of recording, mixing and bringing the sounds we have our heads to life. I think it shows that we were able to persevere through such a difficult time in the music industry. We could have fizzled out but we came back better and stronger than we have ever been. I think this album reflects that.”

WHAT: Fun and simple indie alt, through a dreamy, hazy lens
3 SONGS: ‘We’re (Not) Alone’, ‘Oxidate’, ‘Goodnight Girl’

FACT: The yellow/gold colour theme which is woven throughout their artwork from day one is entirely intentional. Setting out to only deliver things with a gold standard, the band used this colour to represent exactly that. It’s a colour that is supposed to spark happiness, spontaneity and cheeriness.

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Words: Alexander Williams

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