Next Wave #1016: Savannah Conley

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Alternative pop singer-songwriter Savannah Conley has today released her sophomore EP, ‘Surprise, Surprise’. Consisting of six singles, the American artist showcases her broad range of sounds, varying from the emotionally rich ballad of 'Not Where I'm Going', to the high energy ‘Dream Boy’, Savannah keeps us on our toes throughout. It’s a release that paints the life of a young artist trying to find her way in the world, navigating every bump in the road that can often seem like a mountain at the time and it all comes together as a deeply emotive and personal journey that shows her genuine talent as a songwriter.

Residing from Nashville, Tennessee, Savannah inherited her talents from a very talented family, giving her the perfect insight into a world she’d later explore. Such was her love for it, the artist started performing at the age of seven and never turned back. "Music has always been a part of my life. My whole family is full of musicians, writers, artists, and makers. It was a very inspiring environment to grow up in, but of course you don’t come to appreciate those things until you’re older.” The artist proclaims, “It always seemed very ordinary to me. But now I know that it’s not only something to be thankful for, but to continue to grow in appreciation for. My family and roots informed everything I’ve done and will do.”

Savannah introduced herself to the world with her debut EP ‘Twenty-Twenty’ in 2018. It was a release that gained significant traction and saw the artist gain plaudits for her unique take on modern day country music. Lead single ‘Never Be Ourselves’ turned many heads for its evocative style, as a whole the release acted as a springboard for the artist’s career.

Now we see a more refined version of the American on ‘Surprise, Surprise’, with a sound that’s developed to feel timeless whilst giving aspects of country music a youthful edge. The artist draws on influences from folk-rock, pop, and country itself that creates her own gentle style. On the thought process behind the EP, Savannah explains: "This EP has come together in the most curvy, winding way that I never could have expected. Everything from the subjects that I wrote about, to the recording, to even the releasing process was nothing I could have planned. I’m so lucky to have gotten to work with the people that I’ve been able to collaborate with, and I’m really proud of how it all turned out. Twists and turns included.”

The artist shows a fearless approach throughout, jumping between sounds and genres, Savannah manages to pull the mood in whichever direction she so chooses. This translates to themes within her songwriting as well, with the tongue-in-cheek title track 'Surprise, Surprise', showing Savannah at her most playful, talking about the inevitable pain that comes with falling in love. Whilst ‘Not Where I’m Going’ shows the opposite, with a vulnerable artist taking to the forefront, second guessing her progress in life, with all her friends settling down already.

What this EP does so well is that it tackles relatable themes around identity and self-reflection that are so important in your 20s. There’s a reason those years are so often described as some of the most difficult you’ll ever face. Nothing’s guaranteed in your career or personal life and everyone around you is moving at different speeds, it’s the perfect recipe for anxiety. Savannah explains what the theme means to her music: “It’s been a continuing process to find my own identity and path while having that sense of self and home. I write a lot of sad songs, but if I really take a step back, I have a lot of shit to be happy about."

‘Surprise, Surprise’ is an introspective release that finds you naturally relating to Savannah. At the age of just 24, she shows so much promise within the realms of her songwriting, perhaps it’s no wonder given she won the John Lennon Songwriting award when she was 19. Clearly improving with each release, honing a beautiful voice and a sonic output dripping in that loveable, southern charm, Savannah Conley looks set to go places.

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'Surprise, Surprise' EP is out now.

Words: Jake Wright

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