Day1 Is Australia’s Hottest Breakout Rapper

His eyes are set on the prize...

Ever wondered what’s popping on the other side of the world? No, I mean it, quite literally. Australia’s a funny one for global recognition, especially for rap but there’s a swarm of talent closing in; one of which is Brisbane’s very own Day1. Already making quite the impression overseas in both America and more recently in the UK, Day1 is hard to box in. Making a conscious effort to dispose of any labels that corner him into one sound, the Australian native isn’t afraid to showcase his all-purpose palette – which for an artist of his size in relation to building a consistent fan base can be a gamble. But trust me, it’s paying off – he’s even got an A Boogie Wit da Hoodie co-sign!

Growing up in the coastal city of Brisbane in Queensland, a young Day1 wasn’t quite what you may have seemed. Quiet, shy, and to himself, which now may come as a surprise following his turbulent career so far, “When I was young, I was always a shy kid. I kept to myself and never really talked to anyone. Even doing presentations in school or anything like that, I was too shy to do it. I really loved music though and the culture behind American music really influenced me.” Infatuated by the likes of Drake, 50 Cent, A Boogie With da Hoodie, PnB Rock, Fetty Wap, and more, when adventuring into his teenage years and exploring his more rebellious streak is funnily enough where his journey began. In detention. Yep, that’s right. The dreaded place where everyone sits facing a wall or a screen twiddling their thumbs.

Not for Day1, this was a place in which he was able to channel the creativity bubbling inside, “I was recording a lot in school. I would be in detention, and we’d just sit at a computer all the time. I used to spend a lot of my time writing. We had access to a programme called Audacity, I would bring my PlayStation headset in with me and record songs there. It started out as a joke, but it wasn’t until around 2017 that I decided to take it seriously; I was still recording at home but that’s when I tried to make actual songs” he explained. 

Fast forward to the release of his debut single ‘BOSS’ in 2019 which just so happened to be a huge hit and is currently sitting at over 70 million streams across all platforms – life really does come at you fast ay! Following his swift linkup with the Area Movement; a collective of creatives that aim to empower artists to help represent their city, Day1 was quickly putting Brisbane on the map as far as rap was concerned. Those late-night studio sessions and countless hours of working on his craft were beginning to pay off in a country where not everyone is as inclined to champion their own; “I remember being 14, walking around the city and thinking ‘Man, it’s so hard to even get heard in a country where no one is really paying attention’. Everyone started to realise that and began supporting their own; especially if we want to build our own scene”, Day1 commented. 

Day1 Is Australia’s Hottest Breakout Rapper

Continuing to keep the flame around his name alight a long line of successful singles including ‘Riding’, ‘Hoodstar’ and ‘Shisha Chick’ to a name few, all lead up to the release of his debut project ‘Day Uno’. On a mission to not only push his potential but his sound sonically, ‘Day Uno’ was a turning point in his career, “It was more so to show off my artistry. Most artists have one big song, and they can’t really do anything else after that. Everything begins to sound similar. Before I released ‘BOSS’ I had been doing music for a minute, so I wanted to showcase that and tell my story from a more sensitive and versatile side”. 

More recently Day1 decided to push the boat out even more and do a UK crossover with his latest single, ‘Me, Myself & I’. Teaming up with reputable UK videographer Kaylum for the visuals and GRM Daily for the upload, the rap riser flew to the UK for the first time and explored what the capital had to offer.

“I wanted to make a song that people could relate to. As I said before I’m not a social person and never really have been. I’d rather be at home or in the studio by myself, I don’t really need people around me. In terms of the UK, I felt like it fit more with what they are doing, and they’d be able to recognise that it’s a banger as opposed to Australia who wouldn’t necessarily understand it because our music is probably 10 years behind what’s happening in Europe”, said Day1. Laced over a trap-infused production, his slick flow and penmanship sit centre stage in this fearless cut. 

Nodding to the likes of D-Block Europe, Central Cee and Giggs as some of his UK faves, a British link-up is on the horizon in the coming months. Gearing up for the release of more music and eventually his next project – Day1 is a name look out for.

Words: Elle Evans
Photo Credit: Kiera Chevell

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