With Rick Rubin at the helm...

ZZ Top are set to release their new album 'La Futura' through American Recordings/Mercury Records on September 10th.

At heart, ZZ Top are the world's most successful boogie band. So when news filtered through that the iconic Americans were getting ready to strip things back down their dirtiest, grittiest components, Clash got all hot and bothered.

Working with Rick Rubin - whose work with similarly iconic artists need hardly be recounted - the band recently sealed off sessions on their new album.

'La Futura' will be released on September 10th, with Rick Rubin and Billy Gibbons sharing production duties. The band's first new album in nine years, ZZ Top seemingly view the material as a back to basics approach.

“We thought long and hard about what this album should be,” commented Gibbons. “We wanted to recall the directness of our early stuff but not turn our backs on contemporary technology. The result of this melding of the past and the present is, of course, 'La Futura'.”

As yet, little has been heard of 'La Futura' although, somewhat oddly, one track was recently beamed into space. NASA Astronaut Mike Fossum is a long term fan, and when he heard that the band were working on new material they played him 'Flyin’ High'.

ZZ Top are set to release 'La Futura' on September 10th. Tracklisting:

1. I Gotsta Get Paid
2. Chartreuse
3. Consumption
4. Over You
5. Heartache in Blue
6. I Don’t Wanna Lose, Lose, You
7. Flyin’ High
8. It’s Too Easy Mañana
9. Big Shiny Nine
10. Have a Little Mercy

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