ZOON Shares Startling Visuals For Shoegaze Cut ‘Giizhig’

Tune in now...

Canadian artist ZOON draws together different aspects of their background to make something whole, and refreshingly new.

Take recent EP ‘A Sterling Murmuration’. Dreamy guitar pop with woozy, fuzzed out overtones, it dipped back into formative high school experiences, with Clash praising its maker’s ability to “draw strength from community”.

Out now, the EP contains numerous layers, and takes some time to unpick. ‘Giizhig’ was a real highlight on the release, with its shoegaze minimalism recalling Slowdive or even Spacemen 3 while pushing something a little more angelic.

A distorted, hallucinogenic video has been crafted for the song, perfectly matching the tidal sway of the voices therein. ZOON explains that the song is informed by First Nations and indigenous culture…

“Giizhig is a shorter word for the phrase ‘Ingii-pawaadaan babaamaashiyaan giizhigong’ which means ‘I dreamed I was soaring around in the sky.’ Giizhig alone means ‘sky.’ As a young person, I’d find ways to escape my reality, sometimes I’d lay in a field and watch the clouds shape shift in the sky, just like wasakeechuk, an old mythical creature that lived with the first indigenous people of turtle island.”

Tune in now.

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