Zoon Announces New Album ‘Bekka Ma’iingan’

It's out this Spring...

Zoon will release new album ‘Bekka Ma’iingan’ on April 28th.

The project – led by Daniel Monkman – fuse shoegaze and dream pop elements with something distinctive and new, often drawing on Monkman’s First Nations heritage. The past 12 months brought a slew of wonderful music, including the enchanting EP ‘A Sterling Murmuration’.

Continually moving forwards, new album ‘Bekka Ma’iingan’ is out this Spring. The title uses two Ojibway words – ‘slow down’ and ‘wolf’ – to express something Daniel Monkman has felt for some time.

The use of Ojibway language is purposeful. A statement of identity, it’s closely aligned to new song ‘A Language Disapepars’, the first to emerge from the incoming LP.

“‘A Language Disappears’ touches on a common experience among Indigenous people: the fear of your language being forgotten”, explains Daniel Monkman. “This was something I started to fear when I became a Born Again Indian in my late 20’s. For a lot of native folks, we’re taught to hide our identity, to keep us safe from the outside world. Somewhere along a native person’s journey, they start to ask questions about their heritage and where they come from.”

Dreamy soundscapes aligned to a distinct sense of purpose, ‘A Language Disappears’ pierces the subconscious, asking questions of its maker, and its audience.

Tune in now.

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