Thought to be from his second album...

Zomby has posted a new track, thought to be from his forthcoming album.

Zomby remains one of the most reclusive figures in a world dominated by anonymity. Rarely attending schedules shows, his interviews (or lack thereof) combined with a mystifying social media presence make the producer a continually sought after figure.

Admitting on Twitter that he was working on new material, the producer today (April 3rd) posted an unheard track online. Available to stream on a microsite, debate is already raging as to whether the title 'w i t h l o v e' refers to the track itself or the possible full length.

Either way, you can listen to the track below.

- - -

Pitchfork speculate that the album will no doubt be released on 4AD. Nothing has been confirmed online as yet, but the label do have prior form - they released 'Dedication' and standalone EP 'Nothing' before Zomby disappeared in a (perhaps literal) puff of smoke.


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