Zach Zoya’s R&B Jewel ‘Feelings’ Is A Step Up

It's a song about infatuation and love...

Canadian R&B riser Zach Zoya returns with new single 'Feelings'.

Out now, the single is a bold return, with the vocalist well and truly wearing his heart on his sleeve.

The thumping piano backdrop dips into his gospel roots, while the searing vocal seems to move from classic artists such as Marvin Gaye to peers and contemporaries like Frank Ocean.

Zach is moving in his own lane, however, and 'Feelings' is a gift from him to his fans.

A song that speaks about "that sensual, seductive energy", the lyric is dosed in passion and infatuation.

Written from the heart, he says 'Feelings' attempts to echo "that trance-like feeling you get when you’re infatuated with someone. That’s what the groove of this song was inspiring me to write about so I surfed that wave and started the song with a chorus that’s basically whispering to the girl: 'All eyes on you, you like it…' She doesn’t need anyone’s approval, she knows she’s bad. She’s comfortable spreading out that energy, and that confidence in the spotlight is what’s so attractive about her."

'Feelings' is on streaming services now, but we've got first look at Zach Zoya's lavish new video.

The perfect alignment to his engrossing songwriting, you can check out 'Feelings' below.

Photo Credit: Drowster

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