It's about letting go of trauma...

Scrappy charmer Yungblud is back with a fresh track! Following on from previous indie-rock tinged single ‘The Funeral’, WILLOW feature ‘Memories’ is a softer burst of alt-rock exploring those memories that you’d much rather forget.

‘Memories’ is classic Yungblud; a bouncy beat spurs you forward while Dom Harrison’s punchy vocals soar free. The track’s infectious sound almost mirrors the track’s concerns - with an incredibly catchy flow and a memorable chorus, this track is guaranteed to get ‘stuck in your brain’.

Speaking on the track, Harrison talks of how this song aims to be a form of catharsis; “This song is about letting go of past traumas you may have experienced and voicing them to the world. There’s something freeing about turning painful memories from your past into lessons for your future - I want people to scream this song out and it be cathartic. It’s about coming together and shedding pain, turning it into positive energy and sharing the burden with each other.”

The music video acts as a perfect reflection of this longing to let go of the past. Directed by Colin Tilley, the video is a charged collection of vignettes, sharp reds and brooding rain-drenched shots taking us through the motions of mourning lost love, tauntingly reminding us of times gone by.

WILLOW’s feature on the track is also glorious. Truly the queen of the collab, it seems like whatever WILLOW touches turns to gold - from PinkPantheress, to Camilla Cabello, to Machine Gun Kelly, WILLOW’s eclectic collaborative history is mighty. Her rich, distinctive vocals serve as a mighty contrast to the track’s light sound and easy flow, yet fit perfectly. The girl is a chameleon, able to blend into any soundscape with ease.

Words: Emily Swingle

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