Work commencing on new album

English geek rockers Young Knives are currently streaming a new track as a special preview of their new album.

Hailing from Ashby De La Zouche, Young Knives have spent their lives in commuter boredom. Using a tongue in cheek sense of humour the band have managed to find something universal in sleepy small town life.

Over the course of two albums Young Knives have established themselves as a charming group. The trio mix post-punk riffs with often hilarious lyrics, as if Wire had swapped music for stand up comedy.

Taking time off after the release of second album 'Superabundance' Young Knives are currently hard at work in the studio. Secluding themselves away from the public, the trio have kept communication to a minimum.

Now Young Knives have decided to stream a track from the sessions. It is not known if 'I Love My Name' will appear on the finished album, with the trio simply wishing to give fans an update on where they are at.

Issuing a statement Young Knives said: “This last year we have been writing and demoing songs for a third album. Ahead of the tour dates in May we wanted to give you a taster of the new material by putting up one of the demos. The song is called ‘I Love My Name’, it’s sort of a song about how a name is one of the only things that you really have all your life, everything else about you moves and changes."

"As we were writing this song we realised that it had a bit of a RnB vibe so when we were demoing it we tried to enhance that sound. This is not the finished version and it may not even make it on to the album but we thought you would like to hear it. Hope you are all well. Keep the faith.”

Listen to the new track HERE.

Meanwhile, Young Knives have confirmed a series of tour dates:

5 Manchester Moho
6 Keele University
7 Aldershot The Palace
8 Leicester Music Cafe

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