'Between Places' due on March 4th
Young Dreams

Young Dreams are set to release their Modular backed debut album 'Between Places' on March 4th.

Symphonic pop. At heart, it's a fair old contradiction - after all, how can something as fluid as pop music possibly be orchestrated? - but there's a grain of truth here. With their lavish output, Norway's Young Dreams are truly symphonic pop music.

Led by Matias Tellez, the band's line up starts at seven and can expand to a dozen musicians. Smashing together classical and pop forms, recent single 'Fog Of War' was a bold opening gambit with Young Dreams displaying boundless ambition.

Now the group have pointed fans towards their debut album. Set to be released on March 4th, 'Between Places' looks set to be an intriguing introduction into the world of Young Dreams.

Here's the tracklisting:

Wounded Hearts
Fog Of War
First Days Of Something
When Kisses Are Salty
Dream Alone, Wake Together
The Girl That Taught Me To Drink And Fight
Through The Turnstiles
Young Dreams

Here's 'Fog Of War'.


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