Yoko Ono Fan Message

Artist wants bed protest recreated

Renowned Japanese musician and performance artist Yoko Ono has sent fans a message asking for them to recreate her famous ‘bed in’.

Way back in the 60s young people across the globe took to the streets asking for an end to the Vietnam War. Fed up with the aching limbs and sore feet brought on by marching around, Yoko Ono and husband John Lennon found a novel solution – they just lay in bed for a week.

The now famous ‘bed in for peace’ took place at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel in March 1969. An iconic event closely entwined with the protests of the decade, it was followed by a similar protest in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal later that year.

Photos of the pair in bed for peace have become an image indelibly linked with anti-war protest.

With both Britain and The United States currently engaged in controversial wars with both Iraq and Afghanistan, the time for a good old lie down could well be upon us.

Yoko Ono is asking fans around the world to recreate the protest and send image to the website Imaginepeace.com.

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