Yikes Returns With Garage Rock Blaster ‘Not That Bad’

Check out the new video...

Yikes has a cartoonish sense of directness to his music. Real name Zacharias Zachrisson, he previously operated as Vacation Forever, before ripping up the rulebook and starting over.

Yikes blends punchy garage rock outbursts with aspects of rave culture – imagine Iggy Pop hollering over breakbeats and you’d be close, an all-out blast of corrosive noise.

Working with producers Pelle Gunnerfeldt (Viagra Boys, The Hives) and Fabian Berglund/DJ Haydn (Stella Explorer, Deki Alem), the crew decided to cut their ties with the past, accepting any new idea as it arrived.

New single ‘Not That Bad’ is the result. A furious blend of choppy early 90s leaning production and killer punk lyrics, it becomes a stellar missile of angry and energy unleashed.

The mission statement was simple and to the point: “Don’t sing tight, don’t sing with rhythm and no melodies…”

Yikes has crafted a superb DIY video for ‘Not That Bad’ – tune in below.

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