yeule’s ‘Too Dead Inside’ Stands Alone

Danny L Harle produces this daring piece of pop digitalism...

London based pop futurist yeule has shared their new single 'Too Dead Inside'.

Out now, the track was produced by co-conspirator Danny L Harle, and appears on their incoming debut album.

With their LP set to land next month, the self-proclaimed 'Glitch Princess' is busy making power moves.

'Too Dead Inside' dials back the tech-driven explosions, focussing instead on the lush, emotive heart of their songwriting.

Hushed vocals and a restrained sonic palette combine, driving towards that transgressive conclusion.

yeule comments…

"'Too Dead Inside' has a vocal flow that's kind of like a soft-spoken confession. I thought it was interesting to use a jungle beat for a song within the yeule sonic sphere. I think I wanted to see if lyricism had potential to pull a shiny, new, up-beat aesthete into a darker realm. Some days I find myself having little to no reaction to things that happen, good or bad. It's as though I just close off from everything. I might as well be a ghost. I'm watching everything from above, detached from reality."

"I watched someone die before, and they really wanted to live. A lot of the time, we like to say we're dead inside. I think it's the way we cope, because it's just too familiar and too convenient to be absent. I think I always had a lust for life despite romanticising death often. When something happens to you that leaves an imprint, a deep scar, it takes the reaction threshold of emotion away. On some glimmering days, I see it come back. And when beautiful things happen, it can be very beautiful. Just like how ugly it can be."

Tune in now.

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