Yemrot’s Haunting ‘Big Tree’ Has A Stark, Autumnal Feel

His new EP is incoming...

Margate songwriter Yemrot has shared his new single ‘Big Tree’.

The songwriter’s real name is Jimi Tormey, and he constructs entire worlds with his music. Minimalist musicality, the spider-like acoustic patterns are augmented by dissonant strings, lending it a wytchy folk air.

New EP ‘The Sunken Garden’ is out on November 4th via PRAH Recordings, with the lyrics focusing on the fictional character of Dill Dandin. He comments: “The character of Dill Dandin that formed in my mind was funny and so was enjoyable to juxtapose with some of the more serious or emotional themes of my music…”

He adds: “It was also fun to make music to the framework of a narrative in using sounds and changes of atmosphere to accent the story I had written.”

New single ‘Big Tree’ is beautiful, the song of someone rediscovering optimism in the aftermath of grief. Highly personal, it toys with the emphatic mantra: “happiness is a decision…”

“This song came about in about an hour of emotional turbulence not long after my dad died,” Tormey explains. “The lyrics were mostly spur of the moment reflections of how I was feeling in relation to loving and missing my dad. The chorus line ‘happiness is a decision’ was a little jab at toxic positivity and some of the advice people tried to give me in the aftermath.”

The remarkable animated video is online now, and perfectly matches the strange eeriness of Yemrot’s songwriting.

Tune in now.

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