New track sounds like "Orwellian work camp"

American psych-rock oddballs Yeasayer have spoken about their intoxicatingly bizarre new album 'Odd Blood'.

In recent times American rock really has been spoiling us. From TV On The Radio to Animal Collective the land of the free seems to be in the throes of a glut of otherwordly psych-rock groups.

The latest to make a breakthrough are Yeasayer. Hailing from Brooklyn the band's music reeks of towering ambition and glorious songcraft.

New album 'Odd Blood' may well be their most complete statement to date. Yeasayer released the album earlier this year, stunning fans by emphasising their melodic traits without sacrificing their otherworldly weirdness.

Speaking to DrowndInSound, Anand Wilder spoke about the new album. Opening track 'The Children' it seems has some quite distinct influences.

"That one was deliberately a palette cleanser from the last era of Yeasayer, we’re reversing expectations, you know? We used to have tonnes of organic vocals, now we have one lead vocal being processed by a machine, a digital vocal peddle" he argued.

"The song was really written by Chris (Keating), and we added the production to it; we really wanted to get the sound of this futuristic, Orwellian work camp and the noises that you hear at prison camps".

Anand Wilder also revealed that stand out track 'Ambling Alp' was actually inspired by African-American activist Malcolm X. Beginning as an instrumental Chris Keating then developed the song.

"I think he was reading the Malcolm X autobiography, which mentioned Joe Lewis fighting Primo Carnera, also known as the Ambling Alp, and he shaped the verses around that story."

Yeasayer's new album 'Odd Blood' is out now.

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