Yaz León Shines On Left-Field R&B Jewel ‘4th Wall’

Featuring newcomer BUKKY...

Yaz León has shared her beautiful new single ‘4th Wall’.

The songwriter’s fractured take on R&B breaks modern soul down to its core components, before building anew. Out now, ‘4th Wall’ continues her individual path, with the bubbling electronics set against a glowing vocal.

Epitomising her love of Erykah Badu, ‘4th Wall’ deals with the impact of a religious upbringing, and how this can constrain your emotions. A lyric that deals with authenticity, Yaz León is joined by newcomer BUKKY for this alluring piece of alt-R&B.

Taken from forthcoming EP ‘Bleach’, ‘4th Wall’ comes with a striking, effective video. Yaz León comments…

‘4th Wall’ is kind of a ‘hater’ and a “help I’m spiralling” song … It’s got a lot of nods to my Muslim and Catholic upbringing and my (hefty) phases of disillusionment with organised religions. That’s what me and Bukky bonded on. It’s fair to question the authenticity of support and trust in some of these spaces.

I think that’s partly because pride is shown so transactionally in mainstream culture, and there’s so much traditionalism lurking in the corners. There’s no room for understanding or growth because of all that outside pressure. It’s a bit of a bummer. At least the beat we made is fun.

Tune in now.

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