Ahead of debut album

Wu Lyf have spoken out ahead of the release of their debut album 'Go Tell Fire To The Mountain'.

World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation! Mean anything to you? Emerging from Manchester, Wu Lyf have caused a stir through doing nothing - refusing to play gigs, release material or speak to the press.

Gaining a devoted cult following, the ever increasing Wu clan seem a breed apart. Communicating in gnomic utterances via twitter, Wu Lyf shrouded themselves in a veil of mystery.

All of which served to increase the hype around their debut album. Released on their own LYF Recordings, 'Go Tell Fire To The Mountain' ends more than 18 months of silence, rumour, half-truths and out right lies.

One of the oft-repeated suggestions about
Speaking to The Guardian, Wu Lyf explained that they are totally independent from their manager. "We can see how people could be cynical about our relationship with Warren, but the truth is, we make our own music, our own films, our own artwork," said Ellery Roberts. "All he does is give us the space to be able to do those things."

The concept of Wu Lyf goes far beyond making music. Through their silence, the band have hinted at a world philosophy which exists far beyond the latest hype. "Safe middle-class Britain is pretty boring to me – I'm much more excited by the idea of the primal, not fucking twittering or sitting in front of a computer but living outside."

Debut album 'Go Tell Fire To The Mountain' is set to drop on Monday (June 13th). Meanwhile, Wu Lyf are currently on tour opening with a show in Leicester last night (June 8th).

Continuing with shows in Cardiff, Liverpool and more the tour ends in London on June 17th with a date at the Village Underground.

Tickets are on sale now.

Wu Lyf are set to play the following shows:

9 Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach
10 Liverpool Kazimer
11 Sheffield Queens Social Club
14 Glasgow Grand Ole Opry
15 Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire
17 LondonVillage Underground

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