'Red Barked Tree' due in January

Legendary British group Wire are to release their new album 'Red Barked Tree' on January 10th.

Wire are one of the most influential groups Britain has ever produced. Formed by art school renegades, the band's commitment to fresh ideas over musicianship resulted in some seminal recordings.

Debut album 'Pink Flag' has served as an inspiration for everyone from Green Day to Elastica, while their post-punk explorations remain thrilling. Splitting for a time, Wire returned in the mid 80s with a fresh trilogy of conceptual synth-pop.

The band reformed in 2006, when their early material was perhaps at its most influential in decades. Yet the four piece shunned those classic tracks in favour of new material which pushed back perceptions of what Wire could achieve.

Returning with new album 'Red Barked Tree' the London based group are ending a two year silent spell. 2008's 'Object 47' was a lengthy, probing work which nonetheless gained enormous critical acclaim.

Returning to the studio earlier this year, Wire stripped things down to the very basic level. Focussing on the band's central four members - Colin Newman, Graham Lewis and Robert Grey - the band shunned guest stars.

The result is an album which is at times intense but always focussed. Tracks such as 'Two Minutes' recall their origins, with a short and speedy blast of sledgehammer art-punk, all scattered guitars and barked vocals.

Elsewhere, though, Wire seem distinctly, undefinable. 'Adapt' is almost hymnal while other tracks have a pastoral quality. Due to be released on their own Pink Flag label, the London band will showcase the material at two upcoming shows.

Taking control of the Lexington in London, Wire will be supported by newcomer Factory Floor and Manchester talent LoneLady.

Wire have confirmed the following shows:

8 London The Lexington
9 London The Lexington

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