"With hindsight, it was a foolish tweet to have made..."

Winston Marshall has expanded on his decision to leave Mumford & Sons.

The banjo player and guitarist made the decision public last week, posting a full statement on social media.

The move emerged following his tweet in support of American author Andy Ngo, who wrote the book Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan To Destroy Democracy.

Andy Ngo has been criticised for his research and the book's outcomes, alongside his own alignment with Far Right figures.

Winston Marshall spoke to BBC Radio 4's Today programme earlier today (June 29th), and said "internet mobs" had targeted his band mates.

Discussing the “unintentional Twitter storm”, the banjo player said he had been subjected to “a lot of very horrible negativity”, which was mostly “nonsense and lies”.

He said: "What was sort of unpleasant about it is that they went for my bandmates, they went for my friends, and that’s not fair on them because it’s got nothing to do with them. But in the public eye we were a unity and that’s, I suppose, what these internet mobs do. They go for all those people around you and that’s, I think, what was so troubling for me about the experience, was to see my friends getting dragged under the bus with me, which is not fair on them."

Winston Marshall said that his former band mates in Mumford & Sons were “so sweet and stood by me and invited me to continue”.

"They’ve been perfectly honourable throughout and I’m very grateful for that," he explained. "I still, sort of, obviously regret that this situation even came about and, with hindsight, it was a foolish tweet to have made."

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