Producer to rescue sessions

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse has called in producer Mark Ronson in an effort to save her troubled third album.

Winehouse began life as a jazz inflected singer, with her debut album 'Frank' receiving much acclaim but hardly setting the charts alight. Mark Ronson produced follow up 'Back To Black' however, established Amy Winehouse as a global superstar.

The Grammy award winning star sold several million copies of the album around the world, becoming a household name across the United States. However since then the singer's fortunes have taken a turn for the worse, with Winehouse enduring a divorce and health problems.

A holiday in the Caribbean seems to have revived the star who recently began recording her new album. However according to reports in the British press, executives at Island Records were none too happy with her new reggae inspired direction.

Mark Ronson has been called in to help rescue the recording sessions. The producer last entered the studio with the singer on an aborted attempt to record a theme for a James Bond movie. Those sessions were pulled by Ronson, citing a downward spiral in Winehouse' drug use.

"Mark does not have fond memories of collaborating with Amy last year. He said he wouldn't work with her again until she had her drug problems under control," a source told UK The Sun.

However he appears to have warmed to the idea of working with the singer again. "Mark's now happy to give Amy the help she requires," the source added. "They gelled while recording Back To Black and he's hopeful some of that magic could return."

Amy Winehouse' new album is scheduled to be released next year.

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