Willow Kayne Opens Up On New Single ‘Riots’

She's embracing vulnerability...

Alt-pop trailblazer Willow Kayne has shared new single ‘Riots’.

The songwriter is perhaps best-known for caustic tones, and rebellious outbursts; there’s a punk-like spirit to the way Willow Kayne approaches pop as an art form. The lawless creator twists once more on new single ‘Riots’, however, and learns to embrace vulnerability.

Much more open, and emotive than before, ‘Riots’ shows a different side to Willow, who had to truly push herself during the process of its construction.

The scintillating electronics remain, but amid this digital maelstrom Willow Kayne searches for connection in a pure, endearing fashion.

Following the helter skelter digitalism of ‘Robot Lovers’, this is a real switch-up. She comments…

“This song is about being emotionally unavailable, and the questionable things you do because of it. I wanted to talk about that moment where your head and heart are at war with each other about what you should do… the first lyric I wrote when writing this song was ‘My head wants you but my heart won’t let me’. Shite lyric but it birthed this song so I can’t be mad.”

Tune in now.

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