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Willis Earl Beal knows to take a chance when it comes along.

So when the songwriter literally bumped into Nathan Gibson, he immediately struck up a creative partnership.

Nathan's production underpins Willis' songwriting on a new EP, one that pits sparse, de-constructed songwriting with some remarkable electronics.

The EP comes as the American artist prepares to return to Europe, and it finds the songwriter reflecting the divide between Willis Earl Beal and his core being - however that is defined.

He comments: "These recordings continue the story of 'Willis Earl Beal' in his journey through the darkness to the unknown ending light. This record is a tangible audio document of the life of the fictional character 'Willis Earl Beal' combined with a hint of the infinite space beyond his small life. This record is a non-existent time capsule of time, which does not exist, in the life of a character who was created by his experiences, which are illusory. Nobody encourages you all to make these ephemeral recordings physical and bring them into the natural world after you have provided the proper monetary compensation. Do not steal this music because it's sale will feed the container inhabited by Nobody and the containers of those involved with the project. Nobody wishes to thank all listeners."

Clash is able to premiere new cut 'Through The Dark', and it's a sparse recording packed with abstract references and bizarrely engrossing noises.

Willis Earl Beal is revealed as a cypher, an entity used to analyse the world - and it affords space for the world to analyse it, too.

Dig in below.

'Through The Dark' EP will be released on April 1st.

Catch Willis Earl Beal live:

1 Cork, Ireland Cyprus Avenue
2 Limerick, Ireland Dolans Warehouse
3 Dublin, Ireland Sugar Club
6 St. Gallen, Switzerland Palace St. Gallen
8 Utrecht, Netherlands Ekko
9 Brugge, Belgium More Music Festival
11 Zurich, Switzerland Papiersaal
13 Lisbon, Portugal Music Box
15 Italy, Rome Fanfulla
20 Oslo, Norway Bla
21 Stavanger, Norway Folken
23 Vienna, Austria Arena

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