William Orbit Reveals Industry Secrets

You may have to work for free...

Renowned producer William Orbit has revealed some of the secrets of the music industry exclusively to ClashMusic.

William Orbit is record industry royalty. Emerging from the dance scene, the English producer found fame via a series of chart bound remixes. Invited to produce Madonna, the resulting album ‘Ray Of Light’ rejuvenated the Queen Of Pop’s career.

To date, William Orbit has won three Grammy awards and is currently working on Katie Melua’s new album. However his wealth, fame and prestige came after a period of working for free.

Speaking exclusively to ClashMusic the producer explained that working for free remains the best way to make an entry into the music industry. “You have to do things on spec. On spec has come back in fashion now a lot of people are doing it – it’s a very healthy thing” he explained.

“That’s how I started out, I didn’t start off sending invoices I’m afraid to say; you have to do stuff for free. You have to take the long view and put your heart into it. I know it sounds a bit of a rip-off, but if it’s any consolation, that’s what I did. An awful lot of it. To get a name as a remixer, that was my route.”

William Orbit also warned that the producer works harder than anyone else on a recording project. “As a producer, the buck does stop with you when you’re working on a record. You are going to be the hardest working person in the studio, who will be there the longest and get the most grey hairs. And you won’t get any of the glory.”

“Don’t surprised how much graft it is, how much harder you had to work than anybody else, but when it’s finished, you’re finished and all you have to do after that is pitch up at their gigs and enjoy it.”

To read the entire interview with William Orbit click HERE.

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