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Will Joseph Cook has shared his new single 'BOP'.

New album 'Every Single Thing' is out shortly, and each single has hit the target so far.

On the heels of 'Kisses', 'Little Miss', and '4AM', new single 'BOP' more than lives up to its name.

Initially penned as a kind of challenge to himself, the chorus is fuelled by TikTok's attention-deficit funnelling of creativity.

A punchy offering, his sharp-edged melodic touch is matched to flirtatious lyrics. Will comments...

"I actually started this as a super short track I wrote for a fan on TikTok. I had people comment their name for a song and this one happened to be for someone called Ariel, which gave me the opening few lines. They were stuck in my head for weeks so I had to finish the song. 'BOP' emerged as this flirty track full of bravado and nervous energy. There’s also a lot of lines expressing how baffling and awkward the idea of true love was when I was younger. It was interesting writing a song from the perspective of a teenage me talking to a girl at a house party."

The video builds on these themes, while featuring a neat performance from Will himself. He adds:

"I thought it would be fun to play with the title of the track. Producer Simon Versace is in desperate need of a ‘BIG BOP’ to save his career and I’m the artist that finally delivers. It was inspired by 1980s disco videos, these almost awkward studio sessions where reserved producers or music industry folk watch over the musician’s performance..."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Fernando Cattori

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