He's been suspended by Twitter due to anti-semitic behaviour...

Wiley has been suspended by Twitter once more following a direct attack on CAA.

The rapper was banned from multiple social media platforms in 2020, following an extensive anti-semitic rant.

Using a series of sock puppet accounts, he returned to Twitter using the handle @WileyRecordings recently.

Making a direct attack on a member of CAA - Campaign Against Anti-Semitism - he then tweeted an image of himself in Hasidic garb and a video titled “the Jewish Faces that Control Hiphop and Mainstream Black Music.”

He said: “The more they block me the harder I go and when I get through the door I will stand there and look in their faces with the same look they don’t wanna see….They are just angry they can’t control me…”

Targeting a figure in CAA, he then called him a “coward” before posting a video on Instagram taunting him.

Wiley has since been suspended by Twitter due to his anti-semitic comments, but is currently broadcasting on Instagram Live where he is holding court on banks that are owned by “Jewish families” and hidden Jewish control over the political system - a common anti-semitic trope.

The new rants follow a string of unpredictable incidents from the grime figure - he was charged with burglary and assault earlier this year.

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