Kendal group touring America

Falsetto voiced Kendal newcomers Wild Beasts have spoken about their surprise success in the United States.

It's the dream of almost every rock band. Touring across the United States holds a romantic allure, one part Kerouac and one part Spinal Tap.

For Wild Beasts, however, the dream has become a reality with the band set to travel to the United States on the back of rave reviews for their new album 'Two Dancers'. Considered outsiders in the British music scene, golden voiced singer Hayden Thorpe has revealed that the band have found a sense of acceptance in the American music scene.

The vocalist claimed that Wild Beasts are pleased to take their music abroad, pointing out to BBC News: "Animal Collective getting into the top 20 Billboard charts, that’s unheard of here".

Bass player Tom Fleming added that "it seemed like we didn’t have to justify ourselves as what we were because we have the luxury of being foreigners. People are just like, ‘Okay, that’s what they are’ and we could arrive fully formed."

"We didn’t have to try and convince people we were one thing and then try and lead them away from it. We arrived with the second album with a very good idea of who we are."

Wild Beasts star Fleming continued, claiming the band were "jealous" by the variety of music they found in the United States - and in particular in New York. "The way we found it was very, very impressive and we felt very jealous really of what they had in terms of music culture."

"If you think about all the British music, the best British music has always been quite eccentric, quite out there and quite daring, and that was what the British sound was originally founded on, not this meat and two veg stuff".

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