Why Is Aphex Twin Linking To COVID Conspiracy Videos?

He says he is concerned about our right to protest...

Aphex Twin has clarified his views after linking to a COVID conspiracy video.

The seminal producer uses his SoundCloud page as an ideas dump, sharing a large number of new tracks on a regular basis.

The SoundCloud page has taken on a life of its own, with Aphex Twin essentially sharing entire album's worth of material on the platform.

Over the weekend the Warp legend made a new upload, one with a YouTube URL in its file name.

Fans who clicked on the link were taken to a COVID conspiracy clip, prompting questions about why he had done this. Trolling? Or something deeper?

Changing the file name and updating his SoundCloud bio, Aphex Twin has revealed his reasoning behind the move.

He writes:

“..had a lot of Pm’s, tried to answer a lot of them individually but to the ones I didn’t reply to: I definitely don’t think Covid is a hoax, I’m just very worried about the erosion of civil and human rights and how we are to get them back.”

“I mean what if we the people are not happy about any other government policies, we now can’t have more than 6 people in a protest, what are we to do?”

Aphex Twin also added that he was infuriated by Rishi Sunak's stance towards the arts. “Got very upset about Rishi Sunak, UK minister the other day saying musicians should retrain…I mean really, ffs?”

He's still linking to YouTube videos, though – the latest update points fans to a 1989 documentary about permaculture.

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