Why Bonnie’s ‘Nowhere, LA’ Captures A Picturesque Desolation

“I know I walk fast, but my heart moves so slow..."

Why Bonnie have shared new song ‘Nowhere, LA’.

The band’s new album ’90 In November’ is out next month, released on August 19th via Keeled Scales. Emotionally charged songwriting, their indie rock inflections – we can hear everyone from Big Thief to Julien Baker in their sound – features some picturesque qualities.

Take atmosphere new slider ‘Nowhere, LA’. The ‘LA’ is the title is Louisiana, and it finds the narrator in a broken down car, their life suddenly stalling by the roadside.

As the mesh of guitars evolves around her, Blair Howerton sings: “I know I walk fast, but my heart moves so slow…”

She elaborates: “Inspired by a true story of breaking down in the middle of nowhere Louisiana with an ex, this song is about looking at a relationship in the rear view mirror. Once you’re further away from a place, you can see it all more clearly and with a bit more understanding.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Grace Pendleton

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