Nine Inch Nails an inspiration, they say

White Lies have spoken to ClashMusic about the industrial influences on their new album.

Bursting out of the tracks with their debut album, White Lies enjoyed almost instant success. 'To Lose My Life' was steeped in post-punk, with its lyrics written in gothic font on a granite headstone.

However the band have always been driven by a multitude of influences. Recording their second album with Alan Moulder, White Lies used the producer's experience with Nine Inch Nails.

Forthcoming album 'Ritual' will apparently have an industrial slant, according to drummer Jack Lawrence-Brown. "I think with the new album we were a lot more daring in terms of what we wanted to do sonically" he said.

"As a result, I think people will be surprised by the direction of the new album – it’s a completely different direction in terms of sonics than the first album. I think its much more impressive, and due to working with Alan Moulder after he’s been in the studio with Nine Inch Nails a lot of it is quite guitar heavy. Quite gritty sounding."

Continuing, the drummer revealed that processed beats also feature heavily on the new album. "It’s nice to have some clearly electronic elements along with all the natural sounds. We didn’t want to overdo it, as we didn’t want to redefine ourselves – going electro, or something."

"We haven’t gone electro, we’re still a rock band but we wanted to try a few things that we knew Alan had experience in, and could bring to the table."

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'Ritual' is steeped in religious imagery, with White Lies again focussing on stark themes. However the album seems to reach outwards, finding the band in the mood to communicate with their audience.

White Lies are set to release 'Ritual' in early 2011.

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