Well, he's working with Tribes' Johnny Lloyd
Jamie T

Tribes' Johnny Lloyd has revealed that he is working with Jamie T on new material.

Jamie T seemed almost too good to be true. A evocative, tender songwriter who could express the brutality and banality of everyday life in simple, often moving terms, 2009 album 'Kings & Queens' seemed to mark a commercial breakthrough.

Since then, though... nothing.

Almost entirely silent, Jamie T's sole release since then is an appearance on Tim Timebomb's digital only single earlier this year. Now, though, he seems to be stirring. Lying low, it took Tribes' Johnny Lloyd to break the news, revealing that he is working on fresh material with Jamie T.

Chatting to Topman, Lloyd said: "I’m playing with Jamie T at the moment. He’s finishing his new album. I occasionally guest on stuff, but I want to be in control. Jamie’s record is great, it’s really slow, angry punk. He’s a classic character. I know if I walked down Denmark Street now he’d be in the pub."

So that's that.

Here's 'Sticks & Stones'.

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