What The Hell Is Chamber Psych?

Spotify's end of year stats seem to have invented an entire genre...

Yesterday – December 1st – saw Spotify unveil their end of year stats, sparking a few surprises.

Users were given Spotify Unwrapped reports, which logged their listening habits on the service.

Fans were left with one over-arching question, however: what the hell is 'chamber psych' when it's at home?

It seems that Spotify have invented an entire trend – if not a fully fledged genre – even if no one involved understands what it is.

There are multiple Reddit threads on the topic, with numerous Spotify playlists being created in an attempt to define that is essentially undefinable.

So, what the hell is 'chamber psych' anyway?

Nadine Shah has an answer:

And so does Jane Weaver:

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