Westerman’s ‘Take’ Has A Complex Power

His new album is incoming...

Westerman has shared his new song ‘Take’.

The song appears on the songwriter’s incoming album ‘An Inbuilt Fault’, which represents his most complex work to date. Out on May 5th, a handful of previews have been shared with fans, indicating a growing breadth to his work.

Retaining the drifting sense of melody that made him so infectious and engaging, there’s a more pronounced, and nuanced use of light and shade. New song ‘Take’ is online now, and it should be coupled with album opener ‘Give’.

Both songs are reflections on love song wrong, with ‘Take’ turning the attention inwards. A mesh of fractured notes, the song finds Westerman grappling with lingering notions of guilt.

In a note, Westerman calls it a “selfish song glimpsed momentarily somewhere through the haze of the mesh and the swarm.”

He adds: “Taking breaks the heart of love.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Siam Coy

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