Welcome To Our TV Show

Jeremy Warmsley Hosts Own Show

Singer / songwriter Jeremy Warmsley has earned plaudits for his album “The Art Of Fiction”, but the Transgressive troubadour may well be about to move into the TV world is his new internet show is anything to go by.

Warmsley’s EPs usually included a host of guest appearances by other indie stars, with Mystery jets and Ladyfuzz both previously contributing backing vocals to the singers tracks.

“Welcome To Our TV Show” – as Warmsley has logically titled it – features a host of guest stars. You can watch the first episode of this, hopefully lengthy, series on Clashmusic.com. Spread out into two parts, please feel free to simulate a commercial break by wandering down to the shops. Guest stars in this episode include Mystery Jets, Noah & The Whale and Laura Marling.

For Pt. 1 please click here.
For Pt. 2 please click here.

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