And it's called 'Ratitude'

American geek-rockers Weezer have announced the name of their forthcoming album, which has been titled 'Ratitude'.

Weezer are one of the most respected groups in the United States. Sure, they might never match the heights of their highly acclaimed record 'Pinkerton' but Rivers Cuomo is still capable of crafting a heart-aching melody.

With their self-effacing lyrics and shambling sound, Weezer are a little like Pavement gone pop. Through their quirky videos and shrewd pop touch the Stateside band have made much further inroads into their mainstream than many of their peers.

The group released their latest album last year. Self-titled, it was re-named 'The Red Album' by fans in light of its distinctive sleeve. Receiving mixed reviews, hopes are nonetheless high that Weezer can bounce back with their shock new album.

Earlier this year the band members warned fans not to expect much activity for some time. Weezer explained that they were exhausted after writing and touring 'The Red Album', but seem to have gone back on their promise.

The band recently played a special private party in which they performed a mash up of MGMT and Lady Gaga, proving that their sense of humour remains unabated.

Weezer revealed the name of their comeback single earlier this week. Titled '(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To' the track almost immediately leaked onto YouTube but was swiftly taken down.

However the band have now gone one better and told fans the name of their forthcoming album. In statement on their official website the group said:

"Weezer's seventh album due out on October 27, does indeed have a title, and the title is 'Raditude'."

Produced by Butch Walker and Jacknife Lee, the album is eagerly anticipated by fans who received a sneak preview during a recent festival show in South Korea.

Weezer are due to release their new album 'Ratitude' on October 27th.

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