We Are The Darts Strike With Latest Single ‘Forgotten One’

The outfit are gearing up towards their debut album, 'Who Are You Again?'...

We Are The Darts are marking their return with latest single ‘Forgotten One’.

An enigmatic force to rise from London’s live music scene, the outfit bring together a rough, melodic anthem. Leaning into gritty acoustics and personable verses, Irish brothers Brian and Stephen, drummer Shane and bass player Izaak share an electric energy, playing to a broad, contemporary audience. 

First making their entrance in 2015, We Are The Darts are lending their focus to timeless songwriting. As they gear up towards their debut album ‘Who Are You Again?’, the band detail the last six years of their journey through a number of sessions in Southampton’s Ranch Production studios, where they recorded the project. 

‘Forgotten One’ offers a glimpse into We Are The Darts’ upcoming body of work, an honest yet uplifting track that connects with new listeners.

Whens speaking about their latest release, the band share: “a glimmer of hope that things will always get better.”

Tune in now.

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