WayV Soar On New Mini-Album ‘Give Me That’

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Chinese based multi-lingual pop icons WayV return with new mini-album ‘Give Me That’.

The multi-faceted group are revered across the pop sphere for their in-depth artistry, building an incredible catalogue of hits. Moving between genres, WayV allow each member full expression, while retaining a unified voice.

New mini-album ‘Give Me That’ – their fifth – is out now via SM Entertainment, and it perfectly encapsulates their skills. A soaring release, the smash hit single ‘Give Me That’ has a vintage funky edge, a catchy pop workout available in both Chinese and Korean.

Alongside this, you can explore ‘She A Wolf’ – more hip-hop in nature – as well as soaking up the sheer longing of ‘She A Wolf’. ‘Might As Well’ continues this theme, while the R&B burner ‘New Ride’ is a date night soundtrack.

Closing with ‘Don’t Get Mad’, the new mini-album is perfectly packaged to please fans.

CLASH writer Taylor Glasby spoke to WayV last year, for a rare – and emotional – interview.

“In order to have success, you do the hard work and you grow. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes,” said YangYang. “You learn from it, go forward, and have the confidence to be successful. We believe in ourselves to be bigger, and better.” 

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