Water From Your Eyes at Matador

Water From Your Eyes Launch New Album ‘Everyone’s Crushed’

It's their first on Matador...

Brooklyn group Water From Your Eyes have laid out plans for new album ‘Everyone’s Crushed’.

The band won acclaim with debut project ‘Somebody Else’s Song’, while 2021 LP ‘Structure’ became a word-of-mouth breakout. Signing to independent powerhouse Matador Records, the duo – Rachel Brown (they/them) and Nate Amos (he/him) – have now confirmed their next step.

Out on May 26th, new album ‘Everyone’s Crushed’ continues the duo’s absurdist journeys, with Water From Your Eyes citing serial compositions techniques, Japanese artist Haruomi Hosono and the work of Glenn Branca as key touchstones.

New song ‘Barley’ is a kind of surrealist dance burner, the chugging electronics given a future-facing overhaul. In a note, the band label ‘Barley’ a “rhythmic sound collage experiment drawing from modern classical, classic rock, and dance music…”

“The lyrics suggest repeated futile attempts at attaining the unattainable and allude to Sting and Sonic Youth. The video mirrors these concepts in scope, texture, and variety – juxtaposing feelings of entrapment and late stage capitalism against the sense of freedom inherent to the vast American landscape. Despite all this heady bullshit the song is, at its core, fun.”

Water From Your Eyes’ own Rachel Brown directs the video – tap in below.

Photo Credit: Ariel Fisher 

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